Monday, June 10, 2013

Eggs Alla Prima

The title sounds like a breakfast dish, doesn't it? 

In return for a favor, I received six local chicken eggs.  They're lovely pale blues, greens, and browns.  I took some pictures--here's one:

It's hard to see the variations in the egg colors--it's overwhelmed by the wood grain in the table.

When, I went back around to paint them (different arrangement), I set the eggs on a white surface.  But, I made a poor choice for the background.  I wanted delicate, and I ended up with overwhelming--like the wood grain.  I also painted them alla prima (not drawn first), and I'm not sure that it worked well for something as symmetrical as eggs.

I'll try and paint them again, of course! 

Here's the finished version of the painting:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Small Abstract

Untitled abstract with limited palatte.
This is a small abstract I painted using burnt umber, phthalo blue, carbazole violet, manganese blue hue, and permanent yellow deep.  The painting is about 6x8 inches.

This time I wanted to explore the bright yellow/orange against blue grays.  (This sounds like I planned it out--it's more along the lines of: I like blue and orange, let's me see what happens when.....). 

I found that I love the blue grays I got when I added burnt umber to manganese, it sets a beautiful mood.  I carried these colors over into an abstract I talked about here.  You can see the blue gray in the sky.

In the past, I've done some small pure color abstracts (see here), and I've found that the abstracts are helping me to loosen my landscapes and use more interesting colors (and see here).  Again, not always planned!