Monday, November 10, 2014

Starting to Plan for 2015

SOLD:  Pear I, Watercolor and Crayon.
A 5x7 inch greeting card.
I have just over 2 years worth of posts on this blog, and this will be my 82 post. If you're a reader, you've probably noticed that I primarily write about what I've been working on (and why).  I'd really like to start mixing it up a little bit more by devoting a post or two a month to other things.

Some of the things I'd like to talk about? First--other artists! There are people doing some incredible, inspiring work all around the world; I get bored talking about myself (honestly, I don't like to talk about myself, period.); and, it can be fun to learn about other artists' processes and work.

Secondly--stuff around the web--useful tools, things that I'm doing, and things that I've learned. Why? Well, partly because this blog serves as a record for me (admittedly, it's kind of public). But also because I think readers may be interested. Maybe not... Your eyes may be glazing.

I'm going to start with a change I just made to my blog. I added a blog list. I owe a huge thank-you to Laura, over at Laura's Watercolors--she listed me as part of her blog list, which has led to a lot of visitors for me.  Go look--her animal paintings are especially lovely.  You'll also see Jane Blundell, who does some very interesting color studies, and Carol Marine, who is a daily painter. I'll add more over the next few months..

Anyhow, stay tuned.  I'll see what I can get organized.  In the mean time, here's a little work by me that's gone off to a new home.

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