Friday, September 30, 2016

Break The Clouds / Continuing to work to frameless watercolors

Break The Clouds.  Watercolor.
11 x 14 inches

I've been considering this 140 lb cold press paper that I have stored as well as some cradled blocks. The last time that I tried to mount a watercolor, I used a painting that I did on 300 lb paper, and it wasn't the easiest thing to glue down with mat medium.

One of the things that held me up was my lack of acrylic and brushes to finish the sides of the painting.  I just got in an order that had new watercolors, new acrylics, and some good brushes.  I'm kind of excited.

At the same time, the weather turned, and it's been rainy and gray.  So, here's a watercolor channeling the weather, using some new paints on 140 lb cold press, sized for one of my boards.

Paints:  indanthrone blue, indian yellow, van dyck brown, and quin burnt orange.  I'm excited to have indian yellow back on my paletted--I've been out for ages, and just managed to get a new tube.

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