Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blue/Orange/Gray: Developing Some Abstracts

Blue/Orange/Gray.  Watercolor and Crayon.
Approximately 3.5 x 3 inches.

Last weekend I sat down and started painting (or doodling) with a limited palette on hot press paper. Hot press, of course, is super smooth.  It handles the paint very differently than cold press or rough--it almost seems as if it's a race to get the paint to stay fluid on the paper.  And, if you ask me, the colors look different when they are dry--different in a way that's more chalky than if I was painting on one of the other types of watercolor paper.  This is just my opinion--I honestly don't paint on this type of paper frequently, and am not doing any kind of systematic study.

Today, I took one of the paintings and finished it with a crayon overlay.  Finished piece above.  Can  you tell which one it was?  Yeah, too stripey with a weird growth.  It's the second abstract I've finished with that blue.  You can see the first HERE.  I should probably finish all five so that they're interconnected by color, yes?

Cobalt blue, quin burnt orange, quin red, and undersea green (all daniel smith) and overlaid with light blue and light gray caran d'ache crayon.

Four Abstracts.  Watercolor.
Each approximately 3 inches square.

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