Monday, May 22, 2017

Set of Four Abstracts

Four Abstracts.  Watercolor and Crayon.
Each approximately 4 inches square.

 A while ago, I started working on some small abstracts, and I matted them all up, and boom, sold them.  So, being sneaky, or not interested in accumulating a bajillion pieces of art in my basement, I thought I'd see if I could get that magic going again.

These pieces are on hot press, which takes the crayon, well, it's awesome.  You can see the first cut of watercolors here.  It's isoindoline yellow, lemon yellow, and phthalo blue rs.  The crayon over the top is an intense yellow green, gray, and a tiny bit of deep red.

A side note--getting all the images organized in blogger?  It wasn't working.  I highly recommend a website (app?) called canva.  Very useful.

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