Monday, July 2, 2018

Three Little Abstracts

Three Little Abstracts.  Watercolor & Caran D'Ache Crayon.
Each about 3 inches square.
I love doing these.  Like little relaxing puzzles. 

All in the same palette I've been working with lately.  Most recently seen in my 13th of 100 bouquets, here.

The backdrop is a bar towel from Target.  (They make the best dish towels ever, but mine are getting pretty mangy.  One of the pieces is covering a hole in the towel.)

Phthalo blue gs, phthalo green, quin violet, and indian yellow.  One color of orangey gold crayon.

Paper--some scrap 300 lb cold press.  Probably kilamanjaro from cheap joes. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Trying to float a watercolor....

Tell Me Again.  Watercolor.
Matted to 9 x 12 inches. 
I wanted to try floating a watercolor on a piece of mat board.  The process worked fine--what I need to practice most?  Deckling the edges.  (My editor does not think that deckling is a word.  huh.)  I was so careful when I trimmed the first 2 edges that they're almost too clean.

I like the idea.

Anyhow, if you've been following along on Instagram, you'll see that I've been working in the same palette for about 2 weeks or six paintings (a new record!).  I've also taken to organizing my work by palette on Pinterest.  It's more for me than anyone else, but if you're interested, you can check it out here

Phthalo blue gs, phthalo green, indian yellow, quin violet on 140 lb fabriano cold press paper.