Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take 10 Minutes for Slow Art Day, Saturday, April 27

Saturday, April 27, 2013 is Slow Art Day.  Slow art  is the practice of taking the time to savor and really look.  They have a great Facebook Page with lots to look at--slowly, of course.  Slow Art Day was the idea of Phil Terry in 2008 when he spent several hours looking at Fantasia by Hans Hoffman at the Jewish Museum.  Compare that to the 17 seconds Art News estimates the average museum goer spends looking at one piece of art. There are a number of locations participating around Cincinnati:
The formal idea is to spend 5-10 minutes looking at several pieces of art (that's 5-10 minutes on each piece!) and then go to lunch to talk about what you see. If you can't attend one of the organized events, see if you can just look at something for 10 minutes and just see what you see.

Take some time look and think about art.

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