Friday, April 19, 2013

Bloom: A 2nd Try at the Crab Apple Tree

Earlier this week I posted a small painting of a tree.  I wasn't especially happy with the painting, so I tried painting another version of the same thing. 

I think this one is better.  It has a better composition, since the tree trunk is no longer placed dead center and the canopy is balanced across the page.  The tree is integrated into the background, and the paint quality enhances that integration.  The colors are unified across the painting, and it has a nice feel.  One of the biggest challenges with this tree, is that I'm painting from memory and feeling rather than looking at the tree.  It's a mood rather than a realistic image.  The joy of spring is diluted by a persistent cold that's slowing me down this month. 

I still think it could be a better painting though.  I'll have to think on how.  It's very difficult as an artist to look objectively at your own paintings and figure out what is good and what could be better.  Artists are like the women in the Dove video, we do not have a sound perception of our own work.

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