Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple in the yard across the street just leafed out, and I painted it really quickly this morning, and came back around  this afternoon and put in some darks for the trunk and branches this afternoon.  It's a lovely tree.

(If you're wondering what really quickly is--about 30 minutes this morning, and 10 minutes this afternoon.  It's a fast painting.)

The painting is about 8x10 inches.  I painted it on Killimanjaro 300 lb cold press paper from Cheap Joes (the back side--I have a truly awful painting on the front side), and used:  Indian Yellow, Napthamide Maroon, Quinacridone Red (underlayer for the tree), and ultramarine blue.  All from Daniel Smith, which I notice has a detailed color analysis here.

I'm happy to have leaves on the trees again!

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