Friday, November 6, 2015

Red Roof

Red Roof.  Watercolor on Yupo.
8 x 10 inches.
My second crack at Yupo.  In a promising turn of events, the painting started as a landscape and finished as a landscape. More disappointing, it was supposed to involve trees....

I really like the intensity of the color that stays on top of the paper, and love the texture you can bring out.

In this case, I have a whole conglomeration of colors involved, so I can't describe my palette.

I'm looking forward to trying to prepare these to hang--I think I can spray them with krylon and then mount them to a board/cradle which is promising if you've ever had to frame art....!  However, I do not own either krylon, the boards, or the paint to finish the sides of the cradle.  This may take me a minute.....

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