Sunday, November 1, 2015

Evolution of a Painting

Sycamore and Storm Front.  Watercolor and Crayon.
12 x 11 inches.

A while back, I started a tree, that was a combination of watercolor and crayon. You can read about it here.  I didn't throw it away, but didn't think it was even a remotely successful painting. I snapped a picture with my phone yesterday, so you can see where I was when I left it to sit on a pile of art in my basement (below).

Mid point.  Where I finished with watercolor and crayon.
Well, today I got an order of American Journey Watercolor Paints from Cheap Joes.  They're almost like a cross between acrylics and watercolor.  They say they're semi-opaque, but I think they are nearly opaque.  The doyenne of these would be Barb Smucker, who will be presenting at the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society this Wednesday.  (I have no idea what she's talking about, but if you like watercolor, live in Cincinnati, and have the time, Barb is a great teacher.)  I've overlaid with opaque watercolors before.  You can see some previous examples here and here.  In fact, those were on loan from Barb.  Now I have my own...I'm excited about the options.  You can see how it came out after a first cut here.....

Thinking, thinking, thinking.
But, I didn't think it was cohesive.  It is was also pretty big, and I had this mat I'd cut that was at loose ends.  So, after studying various bits, and adding more crayon....the top photo is how everything came out.  My husband's comment?  "It fits in the mat...."  Ha!  Too gray for him.

You definitely need thick skin if you're going to show your art to anyone....  I do like it better than the starting point, so progress from my perspective.

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