Saturday, October 28, 2017

No. 9--The last roses of the season.

No. 9--The last roses of the season.  Watercolor.
About 12 inches square.

We've been flirting with a hard freeze in s. Ohio and I had to turn on the heat in the house last week.  That means not too much is left blooming, but one of the things that are (was) is a tea rose that has gotten its second wind. 

This is the 9th in a series of  100 bouquets--you can start to work back through the series at No. 8, No. 7, No. 6No. 5, No. 4 (not on my blog), No. 3, No. 2, and No. 1.  Whew.   Considering that I started last March, this may take a while.  Luckily, there's no deadline, it's just something I'm plugging away at doing. 

It's Prussian blue, rose madder permanent, permanent yellow deep, and nickel azo yellow (all Daniel Smith) on Fabriano 140 lb cold press paper.

It was also all done w/ one brush--a 1 inch isobey sable (flat).  I used to only paint with a round, but lately, I only paint with a flat.  I couldn't even tell you why.

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