Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And, The Leaves Turn Again...

When I started putting this blog together, one of my first posts was a plein air painting I did of some sycamore trees.  Every once in a while, I cycle back around and paint more the spring, and again here and here.  I apparently really like trees.  Now, almost a year later, the leaves are starting to turn again--although, barely.  The colors seem later this year.

Some of my best lessons of the year?  The grass does not need to be green.  That you don't need to be looking at the tree to paint the tree.  And, that my favorite season is rolling back in.  

A new group of trees caught my eye.  They must be a little bit stressed, since they're turning much earlier than the trees around them.  This was painted alla prima, with about four colors (Prussion Blue, Indigo, Indian Yellow, and a tiny bit of Permanent Orange Deep).

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