Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Young Shingle Oak Outside My Kitchen Window

We moved into our house about 7 years ago, coming from middle Oklahoma to a suburb of Cincinnati.  One of the loveliest features of our neighborhood is the number of established trees--a huge variety.

My husband and I both love trees, and we've put in a bunch, as space permits, including: eastern red buds, a Kentucky Coffee Tree, a dog wood, a Burr Oak, a Sweet Gum, and the Shingle Oak. As a bonus, I'm fairly certain they're all native OH trees.

This shingle oak has been in the ground just over a year. When they're young, they are so symmetrical they almost look comical.It holds its leaves until its time to produce new ones in the spring. And, it looks beautiful out my kitchen window.

Colors used--quinacridone burnt orange, phthalo blue, carbazole violet. (Here's a nice post by Jane Blundell with pics about how phthalo and quinacridone burnt orange mix, plus some other color combinations.)
Paper--Fabriano, 300 lb, rough.

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