Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Field Oak.

This painting reminds me of Oklahoma.  (And, of course, it contains a tree.)  It can be really tough for the trees in Oklahoma--drought, ice, heat, and high winds.  We planted several trees on our property there--three burr oaks, for example, grown from acorns from trees on my father-in-law's property in Missouri.  We've also planted a burr oak here in Ohio.  Our Ohio tree has added several feet of growth over the last few years.  The oaks in Oklahoma?  They gained about six inches over years.  If you were feeling generous, you could have called them scrawny shrubs.

But, despite that, there are trees that survive and become majestic.  Periodically, you'll spot a lonely, enormous oak off in a field.

This painting is small, only about 4.25 x 5 inches and is a three color palette--indian yellow, cadmium red, and phthalo blue.   The blue and red make a lovely dark gray rather than purple, which I would not necessarily have expected.

Since we've left, the property has turned over at least twice--I wonder if any of the trees we put in are still there?  I think I'll see if I can find out....

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