Thursday, February 6, 2014

Barn & Fence, aka What Paintings Does My Husband Like?

My husband likes very little of what I paint. I'd say he runs about 10%. A strong compliment from him would be, "Nice."  If he doesn't like the work, there's usually a long pause, followed by, "Interesting."

Edit:  I should add, he's very supportive of my art, he's just particular about what he likes!

Facebook is a love fest.  I have to admit, though, I enjoy the ego boost.

I find myself treasuring constructive criticism. This is harder to give than you might think. You need to be able to be articulate about art without being insulting, and artists don't always take criticism well.  Okay, technically, almost no one takes criticism well.

Luckily, I'm part of a group of women painters that regularly provides this type of criticism, and isn't particularly tied to any one style of art, so the feedback is strong, broad and opinionated.  (Marilyn Bishop, Nancy Gamon, Shelly Reese, Andrea Chemero, Barb Smucker, Diana Marra, Margie Carleton, Nancy, & Rama Desai--not everyone is up on line.)   Without this group of women, I'd never have pushed myself to move more abstract, or try various color combinations, or even be painting as much as I am....Thanks, ladies.

The painting above, is watercolor with Caran D'Ache crayon.  It's about 13x5 inches.  My husband had a long pause......

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