Friday, July 10, 2015

A Landscape Spec Painting, Take II

Into the Calm.  Watercolor.
Approximately 19 x 27 inches.
I've had another request for a large horizontal spec painting, which basically means, no money down, no obligation, and they'll buy it if they like it....

This is my second attempt.  I liked the first one, but they were not as enamored.  Here's the first one, which I never blogged about.....

Working on a spec painting that's a riff on a lake....This would be the first at size. Watercolor, approximately 17 x 29 inches.
Posted by Amy Bryce Watercolors on Monday, June 22, 2015
They're both riffs on a lake--can you tell?

They're also exactly the same palette, even though they have different emphasis on which colors shine.  It's Daniel Smith quinacridone gold, quinacridone red, and phthalo blue rs.  Both on Fabriano 300 lb rough paper

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