Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look Back At 2015

Pink House II.  Watercolor.
Approximately 8 x 11 inches.
All right, let me start this by saying my photo is not fantastic.  It is oppressively gray here (and, it has been that way for night on a week), and it is screwing with my white balance when I try and take pictures.  This photo is close enough that you get the idea of the painting.  It's a very loose landscape in an analogous palatte:  Prussian Blue, Quin Purple, and Rhodenite Genuine (all Daniel Smith) on Kilamanjaro 300 lb cold press paper.

Things of note for the year:

I just went back and looked at my year end post from 2014--a lot of that stands, including my fondness for limited palettes, I still love my crayons, and my mat cutter was worth the price of admission.

Then I went and checked on my painterly resolutions for 2015.   And, well, here are some thoughts as I close out the year.

I'm very proud:  This is my 62 post for 2015.  That's a huge for me. Consistently blogging helps me stay organized about my work.   My goal is to paint almost daily, and get a blog post out at least 1x per week--I got the 2nd part.  Painting tends to ebb and flow depending on what else is going on, and that's ok.

I'm disappointed:  Despite blogging consistently, I'm not super organized about other aspects of art.  I'm behind on photographing, getting listings on Etsy, keeping up with my accounts--everything.  I have a painting I really liked, that I have no idea what happened to's possible that I sold it.  It's just as possible that I entirely lost it.  Dang.  Maybe I need an assistant?

New things:  I like Yupo, opaque watercolors (and, I finally bought some of my own), and am looking forward to trying to mount the yupo on cradled board, which I have in hand, but haven't gotten to.....

Social Media Wise:  I plug away at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my website....this is a long term project.

That's enough for now--I'm going to start the 30 in 30 project tomorrow--wish me luck.

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