Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 30--30 Paintings In 30 Days. Calm Again.

Calm Again.  Mixed Media.
Approximately 22 x 30 inches.
The 30 paintings in 30 days challenge ended last Saturday, and I finished out with the painting above, which technically took Saturday and Sunday.

I'm quite proud of myself--I did 26 paintings over 30 days--they're all posted on Instagram, if you'd like to see.  I wanted to finish up with something large and abstract, just because they're an interesting challenge to paint.  You can see where I started, when I was just at watercolor on paper below.....

Part of the trick, at least for me, when I paint big abstracts is to get the entire painting integrated.....  It needs to tell one story, and not be 10 different stories around the page.  I'm 

Then I went back in with more watercolor, followed by American Journey Watercolor Coastal Fog (which is opaque), which merged with a lot of the blues, and finished with a little bit of crayon overlaid at the end.   

All together:  phthalo blue gs, nickel azo yellow, cobalt teal blue, quin burnt orange, plus a touch of indigo over the top.  It's on a full sheet of Fabriano 300 lb rough paper.

The title is part of a quote from Gustav Mahler, "With the coming of Spring, I am calm again."

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