Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Lakes Redux

Last week, we were back at Lake Huron, visiting the Pinery Provincial Park.  A second trip, after our Great Lakes Adventure earlier this year.  (The Pinery is south Grand Bend, Ontario.  It's lovely.)  When I say back, I mean our 10th trip there in August for the last 14 years.  Almost always with my parents.

I'll say again, the Pinery is lovely.  This is the view looking towards Grand Bend from the beach.  The paintings is approximately 7.5x5 inches with carbazole violet, quinacridone gole, cobalt blue, phthalo green, and phthalo blue.  It's on a scrap of 300 lb paper (maybe Kilamanjaro from Cheap Joe's).  Scrap means that there's something on the back!


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