Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trees, trees, trees.

Oregon Trail In Fall.  Watercolor and Crayon.
Full Sheet.
I've been messing about with this all afternoon.  I'm not entirely sure that it is done, but I'm stopping for the day.  It is a stand of trees sighted on a street I drive ad naseum each day.  If you have young teens in your household, you can probably relate.  Hate the driving; love the trees.

Some things of note--this is on 140 lb cold press paper, and was buckling like mad.  It is near a full sheet, or nearly 30 x 22 inches (it'll need to be cropped a tad).  I'm using three yellows, three blues and a purple.  That's twice the number of colors I'd typically use, and I'm not sure that was a wise choice.  Then, there's an overlay in the 'sky' with a gray crayon.

Also of note--I set the doofus crayon down randomly and it took me 20 minutes to locate it.  This is not unusual.   Once, I set my keys in the library's a chronic problem.

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