Thursday, October 8, 2015

And the trees turn

Sycamore in Morning Light.  Watercolor.
23.5 x 20 inches
I've painted several sycamore trees over the years--they are about one of the first trees to start turning in s. Ohio, and they always look so majestic.  Here's a set  I painted when I first started working on this blog in 2012.  I think I'm a better painter now, but I'm not sure--it's such a subjective thing.

I spotted this one while out walking my dog--the light is also just gorgeous right now--beautiful in the morning.  I almost walked my dog into another walker, luckily I didn't, since that would have been messy.

It was also nice to paint big again.  It is so fun.  If you've never tried it, take a big piece of paper, a big brush, and just don't let yourself pick up a smaller brush.  It's very liberating.

This is magnese blue hue, quin burnt orange, nickel azo yellow, carbazol violet, and undersea green, all by Daniel Smith on Fabriano 300 lb Rough Watercolor Paper.

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