Monday, March 7, 2016

Why I Paint--Part I

Limited Palette Studies, Watercolor and Crayon.

I was recently discussing yoga with a friend.  Yoga.  Hate it.  Probably for all the reasons that I really should be practicing.  I'm not stretchy.  I'm kind of anxious, and final meditation borders on one of the most frustrating experiences ever.  And, I'm competitive.  I have finished yoga injured because of this.  My brain just seems to miss the point.

Then my friend mentioned that maybe I get out of painting what other people get out of meditation. And, I think she has a good point. Painting for me is like a lovely puzzle.  Something that occupies one level of my brain and let the rest relax.

So here's to painting, just paint.

Permanent yellow deep, quin burnt orange, azo  nickel yellow and phthalo blue gs on a scrap of fabriano 300 lb rough and some crayon on the bottom 3 paintings.  All the paintings are about 3 x 3 inches or smaller.  A scrap means there's something on the back!

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