Friday, May 13, 2016

Sky/Tree/Hill. Another glimpse into process....

Sky/Tree/Hill.  Mixed Media.
About 14 x 11 inches.

I think I've mentioned that part of what I enjoy about painting is the process of solving the problem of what makes a 'good' painting.  (see here)  This, of course, includes the challenge that my definition of a 'good' painting is a moving target.  And, again of course, that there is no right way to do this....

You get the idea.

I also mentioned that I was going to try and use orange in a series of paintings.   I did that (and it was included in the underpainting below, first crack.)  The best place to see my orange series, if you're so inclined, would be Instagram.  (Instagram has a new logo, interesting....if you ask me, it looks painful....)

This painting went through about 5 iterations, 3 of which I got pics of.  The first (first crack) was just transparent watercolor.  The second added opaque watercolor and crayon.  And, then I started doing whatever until I got to the point where I was stopping because I was done!

First Crack.

Third Crack.

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