Saturday, July 30, 2016

Yellow Canoe. Plein Air Painting at Ryland Lakes, KY

Yellow Canoe.  Watercolor.
About 10 x 8 inches.
Last week, I got to go visit Clair Breetz and some former fellow studio mates from the Art Circle, which is located down in Studio 122 of the Essex.  Clair lives in Ryland Lakes, which is a lovely community nestled on lakes in a 'holler' of KY.  I don't get a chance to visit often enough--here's a painting I did the last time I was there....

We were doing plein air painting.  It was really nice.  Nice to see Clair and co.  She's got a lovely covered porch, and well, swoon.

View from Clair's porch.
You can see the view I was working from, although between the time I started and the time I took this pic, the rain stopped, and the skies were lighter.  If you look carefully, you can see how I edited things, just because I can.

Clair has the most gorgeous studio, it's big, with huge windows.  (See below.)

Did I mention the swoon?  Anyhow.  The canoe painting is done on 300 lb fabriano rough with phthalo blue rs, azo nickel yellow, and quin burnt orange.  If you want to see a version almost at the end, check here.  I went back and added a few darker notes.  Can you tell?
Clair's studio.

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