Sunday, December 31, 2017

Young Shingle Oak in Two Colors

Young Shingle Oak in Two Colors.  Watercolor.
Approximately 5.5 x 7 inches

I have been remiss about posting for a while.  I've been painting, I just haven't been getting things up here.  I just reset something that will send my paintings from Instagram to post, but I'm still debating if I want to even try that.  What do you think?

Some other exciting things that have happened--new phone!  Why should you care?  The quality of my pics from my phone are significantly improved.  I'm so excited. 

I did a show at Urban Artifact in early December, and will be at Northminster in early November. 

And, in case you're wondering--this is only two colors--indigo and quin burnt orange.  Then I tried Prussian Blue and burnt orange, which you can see here

I've painted my shingle oak once before--you can see that painting here

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