Monday, October 27, 2014

And, A Big Sigh....

Divining Rod.
Watercolor with crayon.  6 x 4.5 inches.
Last week just wasn't a good week for painting. The rest of my life got in the way. Partly, I have to be careful, because sitting down to paint means I lose 2-3 hours, and I don't always have 2-3 hours to give. Partly, I was just busy with family, house, and other obligations. But, I miss painting, and the trees continue to be beautiful in the fall--hence, the big sigh.
I did get a chance to try and correct some works that weren't working as just watercolors--if it totatlly bombs, and I can't figure out a solution with watercolor, I'll frequently go back in with Caran D'ache crayon.  They were both part of a series of paintings using ultramarine blue, hansa yellow medium, and a red.  Then I attacked them with the crayon, and you can barely see the under paintings.

The top work is called Divining Rod.
The bottom is called Green Hills and I must have put down and lifted, and put down and lifted crayon 3-4 times.  I'm still not sure it's working, but I'm done.

Green Hills.
Watercolor with crayon.  6x7 inches

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