Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Channelling Cheerful

Fall Foliage Abstracted, Watercolor,
Approximately 12 x 13 inches.
I wanted to try a cheerful abstract.  (This is harder for me than you might think, thank-you.) And, I wanted it to represent fall or autumn (the happy fall, since I was shooting for cheerful, and not the gloomy one).  In other words, I went into this piece with intent of mood and feel.

And, voila.  I'm not sure I have enough darks, but I like the composition, which holds no matter which way the painting is oriented, and the palette.  The paints are quinacridone gold, violet, and purple plus prussian blue.  All from Daniel Smith.    Paper is Kilimanjaro 300 lb cold press from Cheap Joes.

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