Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dusk Again, Or Dark and Dense

Dusk Again.  Watercolor and Crayon.
9.5 x 12.5 inches.
I've mentioned before that my husband is a tough critic.  I'll show him what I've been working on, and I'll get, "hmmm."  Or, a high compliment would be, "I kind of like that." He took a look at the first version of this painting, and said, "You're in a dark, dense place." He may have a point. Hate winter, and it's been miserable, and the conditions flow over into my paintings.

I went back in with some Caran D'Ache crayons, and grayed some of the mid field, and added some contrast to the sky. I like the result, but it is not necessarily a relaxing painting to look at.

Paint colors are Indigo, Phthalo Blue GS, Quin Cold, Manganese Blue Hue, and Quin Violet. Paper is Fabriano 300 lb Rough. I just ordered some Fabriano 300 lb Hot Press, which I'm very curious to try. I'd like to see how it works with the crayons. With the rough press, which I favor because of the way it handles the watercolors, the crayons always leave texture. That's fine, but I'd like to try some different finishes. (You'll notice I'm talking like I start with a plan. That would not always, or even often be true.)

Here's to spring...24 more days, counting today.

Dusk Again.  Unfinished.

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