Friday, February 20, 2015

Dusk In Indiana, Revised

Dusk in Indiana, Revised.  Watercolor and crayon.
10 x 12 inches.

Well, my painting morphed.  You can see the previous version here.  I was trying to integrate the barn using an overlay of Caran D'Ache crayon, and things got way, way out of control.  Then, I managed to rein them back in to reasonable, but it required sacrificing the barn and silo.  I kind of like this version.  I especially like the texture I was getting when I applied crayon, wetted the crayon down, and then drew into it.  It almost looks grooved like a wood cut.

If you're wondering about the different size--in the previous version, I'd planned on cropping the sky down.  This version has a much taller sky, and is a smidge wider.  I typically plan on some crop in my paintings.  In the past, when I've not allowed for that, they've been very hard to frame.

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