Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Day, Another Dusk

Quilted Dusk.  Watercolor.
12.5 x 19 inches. 
Without giving it much forethought, on some level, I've decided to paint a time of day. This is my second dusk painting this week.

I didn't go into this painting with a plan, except wanting to try this particular combination of colors. (Daniel Smith Quin Gold, Prussian Blue, Quin Red, Quin Burnt Orange, and Manganese Blue Hue)A five color palette. When I started the painting, I was planning to use a gray for the sky, and had some of the intense Quin Red towards the bottom. It just didn't fit. Part of the challenge, was getting the colors and values to work together without having your eyeballs go "twang." 

The paper is 300 lb Fabriano Rough paper, which I managed to buckle while painting. I know folks frown on buckling, but I like the bleeds and the unexpected way the paint travels.I'd say it's semi controlled. 

During the whole painting, I found myself wishing for a wider variety of brush sizes. I don't have many brushes, and frequently paint with a size 6 flat or a size 10 round.  

I like this painting better than the last dusk painting, but I'll have to think on it to see if I can articulate why.

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