Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Road Home (aka Not A Flower II)

The Road Home.  Watercolor.
I have new paint!  Orange is back on my palette.  Hypothetically, I could mix orange, but I really like some of the intense oranges that come out of the tube.  I thought really hard about how to lay my paints out.  I have two palettes, and I was trying to put set up two palettes that could be used independently but still covered the ranges of hues (is that the right word for pure color?) I might need. 
This really did start off as a flower--orange poppies. But, the painting was fairly insistent that it did not want to be a floral--rather a high horizon landscape.  It is Holbein cadmium red orange, cobalt teal blue, phthalo blue red scale, and natural amozonite green.  All the later paints are Daniel Smith.

Meanwhile, my computer died on Friday.  I believe it is called the blue screen of death.  It happened for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and I was able to get it going again, but this time it is definitely dead.  It's more of a complication than a disaster--I'm reasonably good about backing everything up.  I pay for an automated online service to cover my hard drive, and started using dropbox for my art photos this winter.  I haven't replaced it yet, which means I'm using my husband computer, and it's missing my software.  I'm trying to A) not make changes to his computer (resist, Amy!) and B) figure out a work around.  I think I have a temporary solution, and am able to post again until I figure out what I'd like to get for my replacement.

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